Frequently Asked Questions about Neurofeedback

Do I have to have any tests before starting neurofeedback?

Yes.  Before neurofeedback training begins clients will have a Quantitative EEG or brain map that shows specific locations and frequencies of brain activity.  This map can then be paired with the client’s symptoms for more accurate training protocols.

Where do I get a QEEG?

My office is equipped with the standard QEEG equipment.  The test takes around 45 minutes, which includes prep and 20 minutes of EEG testing.

How often do I train with neurofeedback?

Clients are seen twice a week for 35-40 minute sessions. 

How many sessions will it take before I notice a difference in my symptoms? 

Some clients report they notice a difference in the first session.  The change may last anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours.  Successive training sessions result in longer periods of symptom relief as the brain learns to function better.  Most clients begin to experience some relaxation and changes during the first couple of sessions.  Sustained symptom relief can start after just a few sessions.

Is there a minimum number of sessions required for neurofeedback?

Yes.  The minimum number of treatments is 20.  The average number of sessions is generally between 40-50.  At this point an assessment is taken regarding the positive effects the client is experiencing.  Depending upon the severity of the symptoms, treatment can range from 20 to 100 sessions, although the typical patient is generally around 45 sessions.  Neurofeedback is all about the brain learning a better way to function. 

Can I still take my medications while training?

Yes.  It is not uncommon as the training progresses that medication may be reduced or occasionally eliminated.  It is my policy that you stay in contact with your Physician throughout the training.  Medication reduction should only occur with the consultation of your Physician.


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